Does The Pain Come Back After Treatments?

Years after prolotherapy treatment, 5-10 years

I warn my patients that the pain can come back. And I’m not hedging on this. But what we’re doing is repairing the tendon with scar tissue.

The body likes to reabsorb scar tissue. Like when you get a cut, it gets smaller and smaller over time. I’ve had some people come back, long distance runners, a year-and-a-half or two years later, and say my back is starting to hurt again. I give them some injections, usually two or three, and they’re good for another year or two.

So who wouldn’t trade getting a couple of injections to get a year or two of freedom from your back pain? So, yes, some people do come back to me, but it’s usually a year or two later. Or it’s for another problem. Their ankle is fine but now their shoulder hurts.