Athletes and Weekend Warriors

Torn Tendons and Ligaments: Athletes and Weekend Warriors

What are some of the sports of the athletes you’ve treated?

I’ve used prolotherapy to treat everyone from world-class judo competitors, to professional hockey players, to intercollegiate athletes playing football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, golf, track and field, weightlifters, strong men. Virtually any sport where you’ve have an injury that’s lagging on and not healing can be treated with prolotherapy. I had a professional golfer come to me recently and I was able to solve his problem with prolotherapy. Acute injuries can also heal faster using prolotherapy as part of the treatment plan, along with a good physical therapy program.

If an athlete is having difficulty recovering from an injury, and surgery is in the near future, is prolotherapy a better option for them?

Yes. Prolotherapy is an excellent alternative to surgery. Sometimes surgery is required for very serious injuries. But other times it’s optional. Prolotherapy can be very effective for anterior shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff tears, chronic elbow pain due to tennis elbow, planter fasciitis, in which you try to avoid surgery as much as possible. Prolotherapy can be used to treat these injuries, avoid the surgery and avoid the rehabilitation and lengthy recovery time that’s required after surgery.

I have issues with my lower back that’s been bothering me for years. Would I be a good candidate for prolotherapy ?

Yes. Prolotherapy is an excellent treatment for lower back pain. If you have point tenderness in your lower back. If you have difficulty getting out of a chair. If you have difficulty standing for long periods of time. This may be due to sacroiliac instability, which is a very common, and much overlooked, cause of lower back pain. I have treated literally 100’s of people with this condition, and 80-90%of them have had their back pain go away.

What are the basic causes of joint pain and how can prolotherapy treat them?

The basic causes of joint pain are due to instability of the joint. If we injure our body when we’re young, and we injure a ligament that has not healed properly, the joint doesn’t work properly. The alignment is out. Also, as we get older, the ligaments that hold the joint together thin out, become weak, and sometimes tear. Again, this causes the joint to not work properly. With prolotherapy, you actually cause the ligaments to be repaired. You tighten the joint. So that it operates properly, and the pain goes away.