Are There Limitations and Side Effects?

It’s common to have an ankle rolled or knee injuries in sports. What should we do?

What we should do is elevate the ankle and start early range of motion exercises. We can give either a mild narcotic or Tylenol, and certainly physical therapy in which controlled motion of the joint is started. This will not only help in aiding the healing process; it will make the tissues heal in the right direction and in the right way.

You mention prolotherapy limitations and side effects – what, if any, side effects are there with prolotherapy?

Actually there are virtually no side effects. The only recorded side effect that I’ve ever recorded giving injections was a transient rash which lasted for a few days and then went away.

Being an athlete, or being athletic, obviously being active is an important part of their daily routine. Is there any limitation to activity when experiencing prolotherapy treatment?

Actually there’s very little limitation. If you get a prolotherapy injection, you should avoid any traumatic sports or heavy weightlifting. You are encouraged, in fact, to continue moving the joint, exercising the joint in a safe and proper manner. This actually aids in the healing. The less we use our joints, the less we use our muscles… the old statement “If you don’t use it, you lose it!” is true.